Hi and welcome to the Pantry!

There's an old saying that says "no man is an Island". Yet there are times we can tend to feel like we are an island, alone in our life's circumstances, thinking that no-one understands. Conversely, if we come together as a community, we realise that we need not be alone, that others face similar struggles, and we begin to look to finding solutions together. 
The Pantry has been developed with this in mind. Firstly it recognises the struggle today many have in balancing the family budget and so one aim is to provide assistance by providing quality, low cost groceries to families and individuals. Secondly, it serves to provide a place where individuals can come together, around free coffee, tea and cake,  giving the opportunity to chat and develop connections in and around their local community.  Once a month we also offer the opportunity to explore further the subject of community with "Food for Thought".  
So feel free to browse the site, see what is on offer, and join us in the journey of community - hope to see you soon!